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Dermatology Clinics

Clinics benefit through the use of Verified Medical with access to secure patient images and data by staff members and access to a visual history of patients over time.

Verified Medical creates an opportunity for a clinic-wide secure platform for the collection and distribution of patient images, documents, and data, bringing patients, healthcare providers and specialists together under one roof. A patient can request an appointment and the dermatologist can review patient images before the appointment. Often, a patient may not need to visit their dermatologist for a routine check on wound treatment or post surgery. Patient to clinic communication through Verified Medical may result in a telemedicine consult without the need for a physical visit, saving the clinic time and allowing for additional patients to be seen, and saving the patient time and money in travel to get to their clinic.

Verified Medical is not an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform, but does provide a secure way for patient images and data to be captured. Combined with the ability to interface with various EMR systems, Verified Medical is a great option for the handling of large volumes of patient images, often a difficult task within an EMR.

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