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Features and Benefits

Verified Medical is loaded with many features, tools, and benefits. Some of the key components that make Verified Medical a powerful tool in any health care practice:


  • Securely CAPTURE images and data (mobile and web)
  • SHARE patient files confidentially.....without the use of insecure email or fax!
  • Categorize, tag and organize data PRE-CAPTURE using powerful taxonomy
  • Annotate and adjust your images to highlight specific issues
  • UPLOAD multiple document formats including:
    • Images
    • Video files
    • Audio files
    • Document files
  • Create PRIVATE NETWORK connections
  • Allow individual patients to capture and send images using approved Telemedicine billing codes
  • Easily select images and data to share securely with others in your network
  • Integrated e-Fax capabilities for digital referrals and correspondence
  • Create and manage user accounts within your account
  • Assign permission to connections to securely view and edit data 
  • Audit and track user access, document and image access, transactions and file manipulation 
  • Integrate into third-party file storage systems such as Box and Dropbox
  • Images captured and stored in the mobile app are retained in their original state
  • Powerful suite of customizable REPORTS
  • Flexible storage options depending on requirements
  • Ability to archive stored images and documents for extended periods of time
  • Mobile (iOS) and web applications
  • Bank-grade security from capture to storage
  • A powerful REST API for integration into third-party EMR systems
  • For larger organizations, Verified Medical can be WHITE-LABELED using clinic branding



Control what and how data are stored, using secure user accounts and passwords. Staff have access to Verified Medical through the mobile or web browser, allowing for access to patient data while on the move or in a remote location. Verified Medical allows for the fast and simple capture or upload of patient images and data, useful in situations where a rich visual history of the patient is required, or where the patient record needs to be accessed outside the realm of your clinic.

Many features of Verified Medical fall under telemedicine, providing an opportunity to create billable events when collaborating, referring or discussing patient information.

  • PIPEDA/HIPAA Compliant
  • Bank-grade Privacy and Security
  • Reduce wait times and improve patient outcomes
  • Strengthen trusted patient/care-provider relationships
  • Save time and money and improve performance
  • Increase practice capacity and improve EMR connectivity
  • Speed up referrals 
  • Communicate directly with trusted connections
  • Increase billing with Telemedicine billing codes
  • Connect with remote locations, patient and clinics



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