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Verified Medical - A better way to work with patients

Secure communication between
Doctor, Patient & Specialist

Multi-platform technology for health care
Reduce wait times and improve patient outcomes

Reduce wait times and improve patient outcomes

Save time and money, improve performance and efficiency

Save time and money, improve performance and efficiency

Create new revenue opportunities with Telemedicine billing codes

Speedy referrals using telemedicine billing codes

Strengthens trusted patient/care-provider relationships

Strengthen trusted health care relationships

Builds practice capacity and improves EMR connectivity

Build practice capacity and improve EMR connectivity

Long-distance/rural consultations with increased billing events

Long-distance consultations with increased billing events

Improving communication and collaboration between optometrist and retinal specialist through secure, private sharing of digital images and data


Verified Medical is a valuable tool in all aspects of optometry, from the initial patient visit to specialist consultation. Optometrists use Verified Medical to capture and store patient images and scans. Images may be captured on the mobile device - in the case of eyelid issues that may need referral, or uploaded through the secure cloud server to create a visual patient record with high-resolution scans and images,... read more »

Securely share patient images between dermatologist, patient and specialist

Dermatology & Plastics

Verified Medical is an image-centric mobile and web platform that brings together multiple health care disciplines. For dermatology and skin care clinics, Verified Medical provides a secure platform for capture and storage of vast amounts of patient images from their initial visit to referral and external consultation. Patient images can be captured through the easy-to-use mobile app, available for iOS devices... read more »

Improving communication between doctor and patient through digital healthcare

General Practitioner

With so many EMR systems available today, there is still a void left for the easy management of images and secure distribution of images and data with your patient referrals. Verified Medical is a secure and private tool used by physicians to capture images during a patient visit, that can be used for comparison over time, maybe for a skin rash, wound treatment, diagnosis of moles etc. and used in conjunction with... read more »

Improving patient care through Telemedicine and Virtual Health Care

Telemedicine & Remote Health Care

As medical practice and technology develop, there is an urgent need for distributed telemedicine platforms that connect patients with health care providers in many specialties. Verified Medical is a secure, private, cloud-based platform that enables patient-to-doctor communication through images and data, or for clinic-to-clinic communication for immediate, real-time consultation and collaboration on patient case files.The... read more »

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