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With so many EMR systems available today, there is still a void left for the easy management of images and secure distribution of images and data with your patient referrals. Verified Medical is a secure and private tool used by physicians to capture images during a patient visit, that can be used for comparison over time, maybe for a skin rash, wound treatment, diagnosis of moles etc. and used in conjunction with your EMR to store a visual patient record or to refer a patient to another health care provider.

Images and data can be captured by the physician, nurse, home care nurse or even by the patient themselves. These images and data can be shared securely within the patient health care network to provide better health care for the patient, faster diagnosis of ailments, or collaboration with other specialties.

Patients may capture images using the secure mobile app, available for iOS devices, and share those images directly with their doctor. This may be for ongoing management of an ailment or wound care recovery. Patient images shared directly with the doctor may qualify for telemedicine billing through the health insurance provider or government department.

Data captured in Verified Medical can be shared with your EMR using simple linking, or in some cases, through integration to your EMR system.

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