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Telemedicine & Remote Health Care

As medical practice and technology develop, there is an urgent need for distributed telemedicine platforms that connect patients with health care providers in many specialties. Verified Medical is a secure, private, cloud-based platform that enables patient-to-doctor communication through images and data, or for clinic-to-clinic communication for immediate, real-time consultation and collaboration on patient case files.

The Verified Medical platform has been developed specifically for health care and allows providers to create a secure network of health care professionals with whom to communicate, collaborate and refer case files, providing a faster diagnosis of ailments, triage of patient waitlists and better on-going health care management for patients. Remote locations can now be connected securely using a network of professionals that can be customized to the clinic or health care provider.

In certain scenarios, where travel is difficult or expensive due to age, mobility or location, Verified Medical allows for the remote consultation through the direct sharing of patient data with other clinics, doctors, surgeons and specialists. In addition, patients have the ability to communicate with their doctor, even when the doctor may be hundreds of kilometers away, using the Verified Medical mobile platform and their secure account.

As telemedicine develops, Verified Medical is uniquely positioned to provide secure, private and direct communication between all aspects of the health care system, from patient to specialist in an inexpensive and simple-to-use platform.

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