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Secure Consultation

Verified Medical is designed to facilitate secure two-way communication between subscribers. Using bank-grade security protocols, the mobile and web applications allow doctors, specialists and other healthcare professionals to communicate quickly and easily using built-in tools.


A doctor can refer a patient to a specialist using the Verified Medical application in just a few simple clicks. This direct, real-time communication gets private information in front of the specialist quickly and securely. While reviewing the file documents, notes and images, the specialist can respond using notes or annotations on the patient images, creating a collaboration that may assist in faster, more accurate diagnosis and management of ailments.

The Consultation Process

Whether using Verified Medical as a communication tool, or as part of a secure consultation and referral process, in just a few steps one is able to create a digital consultation within a trusted healthcare network. Patient images can be uploaded from external systems, devices or EMR's or captured securely using the Verified Medical mobile app. Once captured, these uploaded images may be annotated and categorized with taxonomy to help identify the ailment. Notes can be added by text or dictated.

Individual documents, images and files (including scans, x-ray files, videos, etc.) or complete case-files can be securely shared with one or more within a network of professionals. Recipients are immediately notified and, once they have responded, a reverse notification is automatically transmitted to the originator - establishing real-time collaboration/consultation.

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