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Improved Patient Care

With the patient at the centre of the Health Care system, finding ways to improve patient care and outcomes is critically important. Verified Medical is a specialist communication tool that crosses the divide between healthcare providers and the multiple providers who may interact with a patient during treatment. Listed below are some of the key indicators of IMPROVED PATIENT CARE through the implementation of Verified Medical.

Faster Diagnosis

When a patient presents to their family physician with a skin complaint, perhaps a cancerous mole, their doctor can easily capture images of the mole and share them quickly with a dermatology specialist for a second opinion. They can collaborate on the images and decide if the patient needs further examination by the specialist or on-going management. Ailments can be documented and through direct collaboration, can be diagnosed much faster than waiting for a consultation appointment with a specialist, saving the patient many days of worry and concern.

Triaged Waitlists

When a specialist receives a referral or consultation request from the family doctor, he/she may review the images and make a diagnosis as to the urgency of the ailment. Maybe it isn't of concern and the patient can leave with an on-going management regime, or perhaps it does merit further examination. The specialist can use this digital review to prioritize patients and book urgent cases directly into a surgical appointment, saving the patient a step in the diagnosis process, uneccessary travel and needless worry. The specialist will benefit from freeing up consultation spaces, allowing him/her to process their waitlist more efficiently.

On-going Care

Following surgery, the patient may have a recovery process. For example, a wound that needs to be dressed periodically can be photographed securely using the mobile app and shared with the specialist or family doctor to monitor recovery. Rather than booking a series of appointments with their local doctor, these images can be shared directly, allowing the doctor to review electronically and compare against previous images and monitor for issues. Patients no longer have to travel for doctor appointments and doctors need only see patients with more urgent queries.

Remote Health

Patients, especially those living in remote areas, will benefit from Verified Medical through its usage in a TELEMEDICINE context. Secure communication with health care professionals without the need for extensive, costly and time consuming travel will be hugely beneficial, connecting remote communities with specialist doctors in clinics and hospitals in urban centres. The Health Care system will benefit from significant cost savings.

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