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Optometry Healthcare

Verified Medical is a valuable tool in all aspects of optometry, from the initial patient visit to specialist consultation. 

Optometrists use Verified Medical to capture and store patient images and scans. Images may be captured on the mobile device - in the case of eyelid issues that may need referral, or uploaded through the secure cloud server to create a visual patient record with high-resolution scans and images, associated PDF reports and documents and a comprehensive taxonomy of categories and terms used to add valuable background data to the record.

Ophthalmologists are able to receive and review patient images and scans to determine diagnosis or ongoing management plans or to refer to retinal specialists for surgery or further consultation.

Our leading-edge security and privacy enable secure data transmission between healthcare providers in all aspects of Optometry, facilitating faster referrals and sharing of patient data in a simple and easy-to-manage format.

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