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Retinal Specialists

Verified Medical is uniquely positioned to bring retinal specialists and ophthalmologists together in a secure platform to collaborate on patient files. The ability to pre-screen patients using high-resolution digital imagery and a comprehensive taxonomy from referring ophthalmologists provides an opportunity for retinal specialists to triage their waitlists, taking cases that are in urgent need of surgery or treatment, and to pass on valuable consultation notes to the ophthalmologists for ongoing management of patients with lesser ailments.

Remote consultation using telemedicine-style communication through the Verified Medical platform allows patients that live in remote areas to visit their Optometry provider and connect directly with you, the specialist, to determine if an in-person consultation is necessary. This saves patients time and money in travel and allows you to see patients with the most urgent need. Depending on the jurisdiction, your consultation time may be billable under telemedicine practices with your healthcare insurer or government department.

Benefits include:

  • Triage of case files from referring partners
  • Fast-track urgent cases
  • Provide remote consultation services
  • Provide better patient care and ongoing care services
  • Collaborate with healthcare providers securely
  • Increase revenue through telemedicine


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