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With a focus on patient care, Verified Medical assists dermatologists through the provision of a secure platform for the simple capture and distribution of patient images. Whether you are capturing images as part of your patient visual history, or perhaps to share as part of a digital referral, Verified Medical offers the tools you need to get the job done.

Patient images are captured using the mobile device apps (for iOS devices) or uploaded through the secure web app. Images and data are encrypted from capture to storage, giving you peace of mind that your patient data is secure and private. Dermatologists can create a network of health care professionals, perhaps other dermatologists that you consult with, or plastic surgeons or other disciplines. Referring patient data as part of a patient referral is a simple process, and with just a few clicks, your referral partner can access images and data you have opted to share with them in high-resolution. Referral documents can be uploaded through the web app to create a full referral case file.

Verified Medical has various features that benefit the dermatologist, including:

  • Easy-upload of vast numbers of images
  • A secure network of trusted health care providers and specialists
  • The ability to collaborate with other health care providers
  • Direct, secure communication with your patient for on-going management oversight
  • Easy referral process, often billable under telemedicine codes
  • Data stored on Canadian data servers


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