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Digital Patient Referrals

Referring patients between specialties is a simple process with Verified Medical. Using built-in secure sharing and collaboration tools, patient images and data can be selectively shared with other health care professionals. A patient that requires surgery or consultation by another specialist can have their initial visit images, historical images, and notes and more shared with a surgeon or specialist in just a few clicks. The built-in logging and audit functions securely track your file, notifying you when the documents have been seen and actioned and providing the ability to share high-resolution images with your referral documents, often speeding up the referral time, and potentially saving unnecessary patient consults at the next step.

Verified Medical is not an EMR but does allow for additional documents to be added to the patient case file. These documents may be your referral letter, patient consultation notes, video, audio or patient images. Secure sharing of this data alleviates the need to send data insecurely through email, often frowned upon by health care associations, and maintaining a central location for secure and private data for your business. Data can be shared interactively with your private network, perhaps for on-going consultations, second opinions or even with your patient. Many of which may be billable events or resulting in a digital referral.

Key features of the digital referral process include:

  • Ability to share comprehensive patient case file with images
  • Faster receipt of patient referrals
  • Potential to generate telemedicine revenue depending on the jurisdiction
  • Better patient care


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